A Chrome extension that determines if a news source is trustworthy.
Created at HackRPI 2015 by Kathleen Burkhardt and Alex Lin.


How do I use this extension?

How do we determine if a news source is trustworthy?

We ask the following questions:

Where do you get data for determining whether a news source is trustworthy or not?

We based some of the trustworthiness off of personal opinion, however we discovered that our opinions would be biased.

In order to combat this bias, we crowdsourced this data using CrowdFlower. Respondents were asked to evaluate a small, randomized section of a database of over 60 major news outlets on whether or not they were trustworthy using the criteria.

During our crowdsourcing process, we had a few "test" questions thrown in (e.g. "Is 'The Onion' satire?", "Is Fox News reliable?") to prevent trolling or spamming.

Where can I download this extension?

You can find this extension here on the Chrome web store.