I haven’t blogged since October, and both November and December have been very busy months for me as I finished up this semester. I have to say I finished my semester on a pretty high note. I’ve been doing well in all my classes, and I have actually been finding them somewhat interesting. For example, I thought my Tech Issues and Society class was going to be rather boring, but it actually ended up to be very interesting and really changed the way I think about technology.

As far as YACS goes, I am very proud of the progress the YACS team has made on the admin panel. We managed to get a fully functioning admin panel refactored in Angular using mock data. All tests are currently passing, which is not something I could say about the Rails version of the app. I was unfamiliar with Angular 4 before this semester, and now I feel that I have a good handle on Angular 4. In addition, my mentorship skills have really improved this semester as my small group was smaller and there were only two mentors, so I had a lot more opportunities.

At HackRPI, I actually ended up spending most of it doing homework for Intro to Electronics, which was overall my most time-consuming class this semester. It was fairly challenging, but I ended up doing fairly well in the course. I anticipate another very interesting but very challenging semester next semester as I will be taking Signals and Systems, Engineering Probability, Operating Systems, and Intro to AI.

As challenging as this semester has been, it’s hard to believe it’s already over. As I am currently typing, I am waiting for my train home and I look forward to spending time with my family this holiday season and catching a break from my usual workload.