As of now, I’m pretty much done revamping my personal website! I do enjoy the one-page layout of the old website, but I did want to have a blog set up without a massive overhead.

Experimenting with Jekyll allowed me to achieve both a light overhead and a DRY setup. When YACS migrated their blog to Jekyll, I saw how efficient it was to simply write a markdown file and have that published on the blog.

Before RCOS, I didn’t really think much of blog posts. After four semesters of pushing blog posts, I now understand that they are vital to documenting project progress and even sharing some thoughts!

Enough metaposting. On Friday, I moved into my summer apartment in Boston, and I start my internship tomorrow! I look forward to all that I’ll learn and all the people I’ll meet this summer, and I will definitely maintain this blog to see how far I progress.