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On April 21, I demoed my (broken) admin panel and it went surprisingly well. I admit that I haven’t been working on it as much as I should, since I had IED (intro to engineering design) demo day on Monday and a presentation the coming Monday.

Overall, this semester has been a pretty good semester. I came into this project with no idea what I wanted to do and no experience working on large projects. It took a while for Docker to setup on my system, but once I was assigned a role, a lot of progress was made. I learned about test-driven development, Cucumber, and building a Rails project from an external API.

This was also my first semester as a mentor and I am somewhat thankful that I was in a group with two experienced mentors. While it did feel like I was under their shadow for a long time, they were very helpful in showing me what RCOS mentoring was like and what to expect. I admit I did dn’t help as much as I expected (and should have), but I was still learning mentorship and IED was just a huge time sink this semester.

Next semester, I plan on finishing all those issues lingering in the GitHub repository, including figuring out why my search test is broken instead of jumping to a different feature every time something breaks. I should also be more proficient in software engineering after completing my internship in Boston this summer, and I am looking forward to a more productive semester next semester.