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After my presentation, I’ve been slightly less motivated to work on my project. Part of it is me thinking “I already presented, what does it matter if I do more?”, and the other part of me is just so busy balancing school and hackathons.

I haven’t committed to the Better eBinder repo in two weeks.

But now I have to get stuff done. I’ve been procrastinating too long and now I need to spend a bit more time on my RCOS project than usual.

I’ll try to get my new members more involved, but I can’t get them too involved yet because they’re just starting out.

More realistically, I should set some goals for myself. If I get back to 7 contributions in a week to the repo, it should average out to only one contribution a day. However, contributions can vary a lot (commenting on one issue vs a MASSIVE pull request). Below I’ll list some more objective, concrete goals as to how I can contribute more to this project.

Crunch Time Goals:

  • Push an issue specifically for new members every week
  • 7 contributions a week
  • Push a blog post every 2-3 weeks
  • Fix at least 1-2 issues a week
  • Push new issues whenever an idea, suggestion, or bug pops up

Another problem I’ve been having is being stuck on bugs. I have a tendency to be very stubborn at times, often not asking for help until everything’s broken. Maybe I’ll add “ask my mentors for help when I need it” as a goal.