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It is almost time for me to present my work to the large group!

I got a lot accomplished from the beginning of the semester to this point in time. The user registration is complete, the binder model is almost complete (just have to fix a few bugs), and frontend work is mostly complete.

As per the advice of my mentor, I decided to shift from being the sole host and having users pay for the platform to allowing the platform to be externally hosted for no cost. This shift reflects a more developer-oriented platform rather than business-oriented.

A new member joined the team last Tuesday, and right now I’m showing him the ropes of HTML and Rails. Since this member just joined and is doing this project for experience, I told him not to worry about presenting today. I remember being in a very similar position two semesters ago, and I feel that it would be best to take the pressure off the new team member and let him learn for a bit.

The mock presentation last night went fairly well, although I did make the second demo a bit too long. I’ll be sure to cut demos to a minute each for the real presentation, and hopefully it goes well!